Feces and Urine – Biohazard Cleaning That’s Practical

Feces And Urine – Biohazard Cleaning That’s Practical

There’s really no polite way to talk about it. Human and animal excrement are major biohazards, and it takes some significant work to clean up anywhere that these exist within a building.

It’s one thing to encounter some droppings outside, where nature does a good job of remediating its own contaminants and returning various compositions to the soil. It’s different when you are inside a building. 

Any amount of indoor feces or urine is a unique problem.

In some situations, it’s all too easy to ignore an emerging problem until it spirals out of control. That’s especially true when you have either too many living things living in a home or other building, or living things (or people) that can’t effectively take care of themselves and have inadequate caretaking applied to them on a routine basis.

Urine and feces quickly contaminate the building and work their way into surfaces in ways that can’t easily be cleaned up. Intense, long-term feces and urine remediation work requires specialized resources. For instance, some of the cat urine decontamination processes commonly used by professional firms to control that ammonia smell include ozone machines and other systems that require their own careful vigilance for proper use. That’s just one of several specialized approaches to cleaning up urine and feces contamination the right way. 

However, this starts with diagnosis and assessment. Someone has to take a look at the site and get an understanding of how significant the contamination is. Then, the plan emerges. 

At Austin Bio Clean, we have experience dealing with many different challenges that have homeowners and property owners frantic to get decontamination results, for example:

  • Long-term pet damage
  • Damage to a building from neglectful tenants
  • Contamination from an unaccompanied senior citizen

These are just some of the situations where these types of negligence occur. How do you move past these problems? You don’t do it by brushing the situation under the rug.  Short-term types of cleaning and sanitizing may hide the problem, but not fully remediate it. 

Ask Austin Bio Clean about what it really takes to make a property safe, clean and liveable. We deal in forensic cleaning, biohazard cleanup, covid19 cleaning, and other types of specialized work that protect whoever is spending time in a building. Our experience differentiates us from a “regular house cleaning” service. Take a look online at what we can do to help stakeholders to deal with serious property issues. 



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