How to Get Started With Rodent Droppings Cleaning Process

How To Get Started With Rodent Droppings Cleaning Process
Mice are one of the most common rodents that you will find in every house. Not only is the mess left behind after their infestation is gross but it also possesses huge health risks too. The areas of your home infested by mice will contain a considerable amount of feces, urine, saliva, etc. and will leave a foul smell all over the room. Breathing the dust contaminated with rodent droppings can cause you to become ill due to severe viruses. This is why it is extremely important to handle the cleaning of rodent droppings quickly and with utmost safety so that it would not lead to diseases and hygiene issues.

Here are a few steps to get started with the cleaning procedure:

  • Simply begin by airing out the infected space. Open each and every door and window for at least an hour to allow proper ventilation. When doing so, it is best to remain out of the space during this time.
  • Remember to wear the required safety equipment during the cleaning process. The full-face respirator with P100 filter cartridges is said to be the best and will keep you away from infected dust and air. On the other hand, the disposable paper dust masks fail to provide the same amount of protection as these full-face respirators. Also, these paper masks should not be used when cleaning such toxic messes. Apart from these accessories, the non-absorbent gloves provide maximum protection to your skin from coming in contact with the feces, urine and other remains of these rodents that you need to handle while carrying out the cleanup.
  • The rodent droppings cleanup service experts suggest to avoid sweeping or vacuuming mouse droppings. This would worsen the situation and increase the chances of hazardous particles becoming airborne.
  • It is important to soak all infected surfaces with commercial grade disinfectants. You can prepare this solution at home using one part of bleach to ten parts of water.
  • You can wipe all droppings and nesting materials using a paper towel and dispose them in proper trash bags. Remember to seal these bags and drop them in covered bins. Also, be sure to dispose the gloves, towels and tissues used in the cleaning process.
  • Lastly, wash your hands and clothing using a good hand sanitizer.
However, if you want to hire a professional rodent droppings clean up service and opt for a proven, safe and effective cleaning procedure, then contact Austin Bio Clean today. This reputable cleanup service provider specializes in cleaning up and decontaminating infected areas, be it residential or corporate property. To learn more on the above, check out their website and contact them today.


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