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Our first priority is helping families and businesses in their time of need, therefore our first focus is providing compassionate customer care and assistance. We take every unique situation into account when determining pricing. We provide on-site consultation and inspection at ZERO COST. We can provide guidance on the claims process, including providing emergency claim-setting assistance. If there is residential coverage, we will work directly with your insurance carrier to submit your claim.

The cost of cleanup and decontamination varies from scene to scene and many factors affect price. These factors include size of contaminated area, amount of time that has lapsed since incident occurred, weather, temperature, humidity, type of flooring, type of paint, etc. Until we can see the situation, it is difficult for us to assess the severity and provide an accurate cost estimate. This ensures Austin Bio Clean obtains the most accurate assessment and pricing for you.



The staff at Austin Bio Clean is available 24/7/365.
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