Covid 19 Cleaning: Not Just “Hygiene Theater”

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Here’s a phrase that we’ve heard a lot of in sophisticated magazines and online news publications over the past year: people talk about “hygiene theater” and how it may be a distraction or a distortion of what we face with the pandemic.

Some of this has a grain of truth to it, but it oversimplifies the issue by glossing over the reality that hygiene is ultimately important as an aspect of covid 19 prevention. It’s not an “either/or” type of situation, it’s a “yes/and” mandate, but that’s not something you always get from op-eds. 

Read carefully, though, and you’ll see words like “most” and “not many.”

For example: “not many people get covid 19 from surfaces.”

Too many people take that as an absolute maxim, not realizing that statistically, “not many” will become “many.” This is just common sense, but with the pandemic breathing down all of our throats (to use an unpleasant simile) it’s hard to distinguish the signal from the noise. 

With that in mind, although it may not be completely efficient or effective to go hog-wild on cleaning, some of the misting and spraying and other cleaning that’s done does have a real mitigating effect on covid 19. That’s especially true of high-touch areas like doorknobs and door handles, chairs and tables and desks, and other interior installations.

Having good partners is a life-saver: just listen to school superintendents or public works directors, or people with wider responsibility for public health, talking about the best and often nuanced ways to address covid19. They often mention how important it is to have baseline services, without over-investing in what some might call “hygiene theatre.” 

At Austin Bio Clean, we are experienced in covid19 cleaning around Austin proper and greater surrounding metro areas of Austin, Texas. We have the skills and resources to come in and help with decontamination and real hygiene work, not just theater. We’re OSHA compliant and available 24/7 for your cleaning needs. In addition to covid19 cleaning work, we help with crime scene work, like forensic decontamination and blood spatter cleanup, and with feces and urine contamination, which is a serious type of biohazard scenario. 

The best way to start is to contact us and talk about what you are planning for, and what you are facing. We can then start to put a plan together to address whatever those challenges are. Get help from an experienced specialized hazard and contamination remediation firm in your area!



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