Professional Biohazard Cleanup is Essential to Slow the Spread of Covid-19

Professional Biohazard Cleanup Is Essential To Slow The Spread Of Covid-19

As you can imagine, professional Biohazard Cleanup is an essential service in Austin, Texas. The coronavirus pandemic makes it more important than ever to choose a licensed professional with extensive training in the industry for your biohazard remediation needs. There is still much to be learned about Covid-19, but it has already proven to be highly contagious. While some experience only mild flu-like symptoms, others are stricken with more severe infirmities that can be ultimately fatal. Choosing the right organization to help life return to normal after an unplanned event can quite literally be the difference between life and death for an unsuspecting colleague.

Known Facts About Covid-19 Transmission

Covid-19 is most commonly spread through exposure to the respiratory droplets of an infected person. It is known to be more contagious than the influenza virus, infecting thousands of people daily. Contact with contaminated surfaces and airborne transmission are the other two most frequent ways to contract the virus. Special engineering controls and practices are necessary to slow the spread and prevent additional unnecessary infections. Austin Bio Clean is a team of highly skilled professionals who have been thoroughly trained in OSHA-compliant biohazard remediation practices to ensure a safe and healthy virus-free environment for both your colleagues and your customers.

Austin Bio Clean for Retail and Service Industry Peace of Mind

Here at Austin Bio Clean, we work with multiple agencies throughout Travis county and the surrounding area. While many do call us for a free consultation after a traumatic event, our biohazard cleanup services have become a vital asset to the retail and service industry as well. Proper cleaning and disinfecting are essential to mitigating the risk of COVID-19 to the customers and employees of high traffic retail and service industry businesses. We use hospital grade materials and disinfectants registered by the EPA to ensure the efficacy of our services in deactivating the coronavirus. Business owners, colleagues and consumers appreciate the confidence and peace of mind our Biohazard Cleanup Services affords them in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Remediation Begins with Proper PPE, Highly Trained Professionals & The Right Equipment

Covid-19 shined a spotlight on the necessity of quality trained biohazard professionals and the important role we play in society. We take pride in our work and keeping our communities safe. Our biohazard technicians take part in a comprehensive training program which includes strict Covid-19 disinfecting guidelines that exceed the CDC’s recommendations and ongoing continuing education. We use a hospital grade disinfectant machine and EPA registered chemicals that have been deemed safe for sensitive environments to deactivate the coronavirus and mitigate the risk of other contaminates. Safety first is not just a motto for us, they are words we live by.

That’s why we offer prompt discrete response 24/7/365 according to your schedule. At Austin Bio Clean we serve Central Texas, Travis County and surrounding areas providing biohazard, infectious disease, crime scene cleanup and more. You can’t put a price on peace of mind during the coronavirus pandemic but at Austin Bio Clean we can help you get yours back. Contact us for a free confidential consultation today.


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