10 Different Biohazard Clean Up Services Available from Austin Bio Clean

10 Different Biohazard Clean Up Services Available From Austin Bio Clean
Austin Bio Clean is pleased to provide efficient biohazard cleanup at Travis County, Austin and other parts of Central Texas. We are responsible for delivering methodical and efficient decontamination services to customers for a variety of scenarios. Biohazard contamination is not limited to organic, visceral matter that is usually found at the scene of a crime or a fatal accident. Other organic contaminants like rodent droppings, human faecal matter and urine constitute a biohazard as well. Austin Bio Clean provides holistic, all-around clean-up services for various requirements. Customers can contact and hire us for:

Crime Scene Clean-Up

Once a crime scene has been investigated and documented post forensic analysis, someone needs to clean it up. Austin Bio Clean responds to call-outs from law enforcement agencies to wipe clean old crime scenes and rid them of organic, biohazard contaminants such as blood and viscera.

Foreclosure/Eviction Clean-Up

Foreclosures and evictions usually result in premises that are littered by the former occupants. Financial institutes, real estate brokers, etc. can always seek our services at Austin Bio-Clean to clean up such premises to make them presentable again.

Infectious Disease Decontamination and Clean-Up

Infectious disease outbreaks can happen anytime, anywhere. To ensure that the infection does not spread on any scale you can call-out our staff at Austin Bio-Clean for proper decontamination of the area.

Odor Removal

Foul odors are caused by a number of reasons- mold, fire outbreaks, leakage of sewage matter, etc. They can make any premise inhospitable with their pungent stench. We provide effective odor removal at a reasonable cost in Austin and other parts of Central Texas.

Fatality Cleanup

Suicides and unattended deaths contaminate the surroundings with pathogens and a foul odor. Austin Bio Clean promptly responds in such tragic scenarios to provide efficient decontamination and cleanup.

Industrial Accident Cleanup

Industrial accidents halt productivity and render working conditions unhygienic. Austin Bio Clean can provide professional cleanup services for such mishaps in an industrial premise.

Rodent Droppings

Rodent droppings are toxic by nature and are carriers of fatal disease-producing pathogens. Simply cleaning them away with a broom is not enough. But the good folks of Austin and its neighbouring parts can count on us to provide a full-fledged cleanup.

Tear Gas Cleanup

Riots and public conflicts result in tear gas dispersals by the authorities. Austin Bio Clean has experience in assisting enforcement agencies to clean up the mess caused by tear gas dispersion during civil riots.

Drug Lab Cleanup

Austin Bio Clean provides effective cleanup of crime scenes comprising of dangerous chemical contaminants that consist of volatile chemicals, such as meth labs.

Homeless Encampment Cleanup

Homeless encampments, temporary slum encampments and squatter encampments leave behind a sea of trash, untreated sewage, etc. Our trained staff can offer skilful remediation of such scenarios. We provide distinguished, proficient biohazard cleanup at Travis County and its nearby surrounding areas for a variety of situations at a reasonable price.


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